The parents of the Indian student who was murdered in a suburb of Manchester, England on the day after Christmas have visited the site of their son’s killing to offer their prayers.

Anuj Bidve, 23, was shot to death at close range as he strolled along Ordsall Lane in the town of Salford with a group of Indian friends.

His parents Subhash and Yogini laid down flowers and a wreath at the spot where their son was killed.

Anuj was studying at Lancaster University where he was taking a post-graduate degree course in micro-electronics.

This has been an exceedingly difficult journey to make, his father Subhash told British reporters.

The only person we blame is the person who was responsible for taking Anuj away from us in this senseless act of violence.

He also said that he and his wife Yogini were “deeply moved” by the emotional support and good wishes they have received from the British public.

We have made the journey from India in order to see Anuj, see the place where he died, and most importantly take Anuj home with us, he said.

Whilst in England we have taken the opportunity to meet a number of other people who were involved in Anuj's life and to achieve our goal of taking Anuj back home with us as soon as possible.

Subhash added: We have been deeply moved and have taken comfort from the hundreds of messages we have received from the people in Salford and Lancaster and especially the Indian community and would like to take this opportunity to say 'thank you'. We have been overwhelmed by the reaction and interest of the media both at home in India and here in the United Kingdom.

Kiaran Stapleton, 20, has been charged with the Bidve murder and will appear at Manchester Crown Court in March.

The elder Bidves also visited the House of Parliament on Thursday and have spoken with Prime Minister David Cameron by telephone.

Cameron, who offered his condolences to the Bidves, had said he would like to meet with them in person, but that is unlikely to happen since the family is scheduled to return to India for Anuj’s funeral on Saturday.

It is unacceptable to have this sort of crime going on in our country, Cameron told UK media.

Professor Mark E Smith, the vice-chancellor of Lancaster University said his institution will hold a memorial service for the murdered student later this month.

My deepest sympathies are extended to his family for this terrible loss and we will do all we can to support them at this sad time,” Smith said in a statement.

I was very glad to meet Anuj’s parents and his brother-in-law when they visited the University... They went to his college and also met their son’s fellow Engineering students and tutors. The University has provided financial assistance to the family.”