Anything Brands Online, Inc./ is a business outsourcing company that sells technology, services, and wholesale truck, rail, and airfreight capacity. They sell these to the Logistics Manager industry. Trading on the Pink Sheets, they have their corporate headquarters in Tucson, Arizona.

On January 12, 2010, Anything Brands Online, Inc. announced the completion of a Merger Agreement between Anything Green Online and Custom Cravo Farms, Inc. They named Mike Broll CEO of Anything Green Online, Inc., an independent company that is in the process of seeking OTCBB trading status. This merger between Anything Green Online (AGO) and Custom Cravo Farms (CCF) is now operational. The merged Company’s primary focus will be on the development and operation of commercial scale farms that use the Cravo retractable roof greenhouse technology from Cravo Equipment Ltd.

Last week, Brands Online announced that they prepared a Request for Proposal from SEC Compliant Independent Auditing Firms for services which will allow the company to become a fully reporting and fully audited corporation by the end of the first quarter 2010. An announcement of the chosen Auditing Firm is expected shortly.

Yesterday, Anything Brands Online, Inc. announced that they would spinout their Online commercial and retail business into another Pink Sheet Company to be managed by Timothy Norton, an executive of that division. This action is according to the Company’s strategic plan as announced in December of 2009, leaving the Freight World Operation as the sole entity in the Company and provides for their managed expansion solely within the logistics/transportation space.

Tim Norton recently stated to investors, “Anything Brands Online, Inc. has developed three independent public companies that will now consist of a common ancestry…We are convinced that splitting the company into 3 separate operations is an effective way to manage each business to meet both challenges and opportunities as we move into the post-recession economy.”

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