Dancing with the Stars winner and champion Olympian Apolo Ohno makes sure he stays on the game by drinking Chocolate Milk Refuel, and here are reasons why active athletes and trainers should follow suit.

Energy is important especially when you're engaged in a competitive field. Sometimes, work outs and commercial energy drinks don't do the trick, simply because activities and supplements like those are not enough to hydrate the body for replenishment. Famous Olympian and active speed skater Apolo Ohno turns to Chocolate Milk Refuel to stay fit and be able to perform well.

Experts have confirmed that low fat chocolate milk is best to refuel and hydrate the body after an exhausting work out or pre-game prep. This kind of post-exercise nutrition is important to all athletes and gym buffs, especially if they want to keep up with their constant training.

As with my speed skate training, I've been refueling with lowfat chocolate milk throughout my marathon training because it contains the right mix of carbs and proteins my body needs following a tough workout, says Ohno in a release.

Got Milk?, the famous calcium-boosting campaign wherein celebrities pose with milk moustaches is promoting a new way of revitalizing the body by drinking low fat chocolate milk called Refuel. Ohno is on the bandwagon to inspire athletes like him to join his brigade on making to low fat chocolate milk as a post-work out supplement choice.

It's in liquid form so it's easy to digest, and the science is there to back it up. As they say, you can only train as hard as you recover follows Ohno in his statement. Energy bars and shakes still have high levels of sugar and carbohydrates, debunking the main goal of prepping up for a game or a hard day's work out.

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