Five-year-old Noah Ritter became an Internet sensation after a live television interview filmed at a Pennsylvania county fair in August. In it, Noah simply could not stop using his favorite word, “apparently,” to adorable effect – particularly as he did not appear to understand the definition of the word he used over and over. The YouTube clip has now exceeded 15 million views.

Ritter’s charming verbosity and viral visibility caught the attention of Petfresh, an all-natural refrigerated pet food brand, which gave him a starring role in a commercial. According to Mashable, they shortened what would have been a monthslong filming process into a few days to take advantage of his visit to "The Ellen Degeneres Show" on Thursday. On the show, he told Degeneres that he was “over” the word “apparently” and had moved on to his current favorite word, “seriously.”

In Petfresh’s unscripted ad, Noah plays with puppies while liberally using his (former) favorite word. Katie Tyson, Freshpet’s marketing manager, told Mashable, “He’s such a loveable character, and we just wanted to capture the random riffing that he does. He’s like an old man in a kid’s body.”

Although it remains to be seen if Ritter's 15 minutes of fame will stretch into something longer, one thing that lasts longer than he wants it to is kindergarten. "They're holding me ... like 11 hours, " he told Degeneres. "It was like I was in prison for 10 days."