Apple attempted to calm some of the fears surrounding its iPhone by announcing this morning that it sold its one millionth iPhone on the previous day. This puts the consumer electronics maker ahead of its own internal forecasts; Apple had previously said it expected to sell one million units of the device by the end of September. The milestone comes just days after Apple slashed the prices of the 2 iPhone models available for purchase.

The shares are up nearly 2% this morning on the positive news. The security has bounced off its 20-day moving average, but is currently struggling to overcome the 135 level, which is also home to the stock's 10-day trendline. Potential support in the form of the stock's 20-week moving average is climbing into the region to help boost the shares.

In option trading this morning, the stock is the focus of some brisk call activity. The September 150 call has seen more than 9,200 contracts change hands already today on open interest of 41,700 contracts. Meanwhile, the September 140 call has traded nearly 8,600 contracts on open interest of more than 50,600 contracts. While the volume on the put side isn't quite as brisk, it is far from barren. The September 125 put has seen more than 7,200 contracts cross the tape this morning.

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