Twitter, the microblogging powerhouse used by so many celebrities and sports stars, has updated both its official Apple and Android apps as of Feb. 21, so here are the new changes in detail. Both apps have returned popular features many may have been clamoring for, but there are also new features and designs. Many of the Apple app changes are only for the iPhone however, so iPad and Touch users will have to wait for some of the new features.

For Android users, the new Twitter app update tries to take advantage of the new Ice Cream Sandwich update, as well as optimizing for the Kindle Fire, Nook and Nook Color (Nook Apps to updated Feb. 23) platforms. The biggest update to both versions is the swipe shortcut. It's now possible to share, favorite, reply and retweet people's messages without leaving the timeline. One less step to do some of the most common Twitter actions. Additionally, both versions have added the ability to find the Twitter names of your friends from your email and phone contact lists. Most of the changes are to the iPhone version, however. Fonts sizes can be changed, something already available in the Android version. But, there is still no abiltiy to edit lists. Start the slideshow to see the 10 bes new Twitter app changes. Tell us in the comments what app you use to send tweets.  

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