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Earlier today, my colleague Joseph Hargett noted that Apple will release the Leopard (ROAR!) operating system on Friday. Joe gives the laundry list of features that Leopard (ROAR!) will offer, so click on the link and read his informative blog entry. However, I did find an interesting tidbit on Apple myself, and since everyone knows that I absolutely love Apple, I felt that I had to post this. According to this article, at least 1 iPhone owner isn't a big fan of the Jesus phone.

Author Joe Hutsko starts the article with this line, my feeling toward my iPhone has gone from reasonably hopeful to hopeless regret. Hutsko said that he purchased the phone with the hopes that the pre-release complaints would be cleared up and that Apple would add so many of the missing features commonly found on every other smartphone. Simple things, like the ability to look up a contact by tapping in a few letters, or a way to copy and paste information from an e-mail or Web page into a contact or note card. Hutsko hoped that these issues would be cleared up, but the updated firmware disabled add-ons like, or, at worst, bricked' iPhones that had been hacked to work with network's [sic] other than AT&T to the point of uselessness. The bottom line is that Hutsko states that he is done with the iPhone for now, and discusses alternatives to Apple's offering.

So, why bring this up? Not just because of my feelings for Apple and the humor I see in the potential money-wasting on the Jesus phone ... what happens if more iPhone owners feel the way Hutsko does? I am going strictly by this article, as I don't know anyone with an iPhone (we are a modest bunch, with kids, and all), so I don't know their opinion. However, if this article relates the common opinion, it won't be long before sentiment toward Apple turns rather sour. Of course, as Joe noted, pessimism could be a boon for the shares.