Since our latest Apple report on November 19 (read here) AAPL has run up substantially, so lets take a new look at the Charts and the news.

Apple iPad, iPad mini and iPhone 5 will have a record Christmas and the opening of new markets in China and South Korea last month will see an earnings blowout in Q4 with out doubt.

$620 is where we need to review the charts next, for now AAPL looks well on the way to hitting that number in early December.

Institutions have been selling but that is an anomaly created by the excessive weighing of AAPL in the Index configuration on Wall St, (Wall Street’s Big Lie) as fund managers have gone to cash due to fiscal cliff concerns any Index based fund would be forced to exit their AAPL positions, I see this as a precaution against the market, not the company.

Bob Mansfield took advantage of the latest run on Apple stock. The Senior Vice President of Technologies sold 35,000 shares of his company on Wednesday evening, at an average sale price of $582.21 a pop. According to the SEC filing, the “transaction was executed in multiple trades at prices ranging from $582.00 to $582.88.” Altogether, the move was worth a whopping $20.37 million, and was the largest sale Mansfield has made in the past three years.

Early retail data is pointing to a super sales December for AAPL, iTunes 11 is going to be a revenue boost for 2013.

The Charts are in the presentation at the bottom and I have attached some as well, just double click the image at the bottom to see them in full screen mode.


Economist and Hedge Fund Manager Shayne Heffernan of takes a look at Apple.

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