Apple may have disappointed its consumers last Tuesday when it failed to announce the launch of the iPhone 5, but the Apple hype is back up as the company released its highly anticipated Apple IOS 5 operating system on Wednesday.

iOS 5 is finally here with more than 200 features for the iPad, iPhone or iPod:

Notification Center:  Finally a place to find all your e-mail, text and app notifications in one place, and the better you can control exactly what type of notifications you want to see.

iMessage: Now the iPad and iPod can send instant text messages, photos, videos and contacts to any Apple device on the iOS 5 system for free. You can also track your messages with delivery receipts.

Newsstand: A place to find all your magazine and online publication subscriptions. Now there's a magazine and newspaper subscription specific section in the App Store, making it easier to get your hands on your favorite reads when and where you want.

Reminders: This is a to do list at its easiest. You can organize all your tasks with due dates, times and locations. For example, the second you pull into your local supermarket, you'll get a notification showing your shopping list. Reminders also work with iCal, Outlook, and iCloud, so changes you make update automatically on all your devices and calendars.

Twitter: With the new Twitter feature you can now tweet directly from Safari, photos, camera, YouTube or Maps. Mentioning someone in your Twitter posts is also easier than ever with Twitter handles applied to contacts in your phone book.

Camera: Taking pictures has never been easier with the new feature that allows you to access the camera straight from your lock-screen. Use grid lines, pinch-to-zoom gestures, and single-tap focus and exposure locks to compose a picture on the go.

Photos: Here's a feature that allows you to enhance, crop, rotate and edit your favorite shots on the go before you share them on social media networks. You can also remove red-eye without leaving the need for iPhoto.

Safari: Safari Reader displays Web articles sans ads or clutter so you can read without distractions. You can also save a reading list for articles you wish to view later.

PC Free: With iOS 5, you no longer need a computer to own an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Activate and set up your device wirelessly, right out of the box. Download free iOS software updates directly on your device. 

Wi-Fi Sync: Wirelessly sync your iOS device to your Mac or PC over a shared Wi-Fi connection. Every time you connect your iOS device to a power source (say, overnight for charging), it automatically syncs and backs up any new content to iTunes.

Here's how you can get it:

Simply connect your device to your computer using a USB Cord, launch iTunes, on the left side find your device and click Check for update. The iOS 5 isn't available for iPhone generation below the 3Gs.