Apple’s mobile operating system received a number of fixes in an update on Tuesday, including one for a bug where users unexpectedly lost purchased ringtones. The latest iOS version, iOS 8.1.2, covers a number of the company’s mobile products including its iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads.

In addition to the update itself, Apple has also provided a tool to restore ringtones lost in previous version of iOS 8. Users who have lost ringtones on iOS can get them back by visiting from the affected device. The software update is available as an over-the-air download or by connecting your iOS device to a computer running the latest version of iTunes. Though the update includes a number of security and bug fixes, the company has yet to disclose them on its website.

The update is one of two minor updates from Apple in the past month. The last update, iOS 8.1.1, patched a security hole which was publicly disclosed with the release of the Pangu jailbreak for iOS 8.1, a tool that allows users to run software and code that normally wouldn’t be approved by Apple’s app store policies.

At this time, it’s not confirmed whether or not the latest update patches security flaws used by jailbreak software developed by Chinese team, TaiG. Though early rumors indicate that it may still work, jailbreak users on iOS 8.1.1 are advised to stay away from the update until it’s confirmed safe.



Missing from iOS 8.1.2, is a number of rumored improvements in iOS 8, including upgraded Maps functionality. In the meantime, Apple has continued work with developers on beta versions of iOS 8.2, which will bring iOS support for the Apple Watch, a new wearable that is set to debut sometime in early 2015.

Developers have also been working with Apple to develop apps for the Watch with a set of tools, called WatchKit.