Technology giant Apple basked in the success of the launch of iPad 2 as tech-junkies gathered in serpentine queues outside outlets across America.

The second generation of the fastest selling gadget in the history came at a time when the tablet market virtually craved out by its predecessor was quickly filling up with competitors.

The amount of consumer pull that the iPad 2 brought on Friday seemed to prove some negative reviews of the modestly upgraded second version of iPad wrong. The improvements may seem subtle, but they are extremely significant.

15 percent lighter and a third thinner than its best-selling predecessor, the handy device comes with front- and rear-facing cameras for photos, movies and video chat. Besides the exception of display, iPad 2 also has hardware has been improvements in most areas.

As opening day sales seem to lean towards proving right the experts' contention that the new model would easily outsell the original, Apple iPad 2 has arrived with a bang. Start the slideshow to see the tremendous crowd iPad 2 attracted in a rare display of out-of-ordinary behavior of the gadget lovers: