March 7 can't get here fast enough for Apple iPad fans, and it will be the best one yet because of new features like 4G and a vastly improved camera. While many consumers still haven't been convinced why they should buy a tablet computer at all, millions have bought iPads for work and for play. Many come for the apps, but most stay for the intuitive touchscreen and lightweight design for ease of mobility.

While it may not be the tablet of choice for some businesses, even that is changing, and the new OnLive Desktop app is one of the ways those businesses can get their PC functions working on the iPad. Because so many businesses require advanced security features on all of their computers, look for iPad 3 to feature a more secure environment. While we don't know for sure what Apple has in store for us March 7, we know the iPad 3 will be the best selling tablet yet. Start the slideshow to see the 10 best reasons why. Let us know in the comments if you think iPad 3 will be the best or if you think a Windows 8 tablet can beat it later this year.

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