Reports on the imminent launch of Apple's iPad 3 have indicated the possible release date, along with its probable features.

A report revealed that the upcoming iPad 3 will reportedly be thicker than Apple's current iPad devices. This was revealed by Macotakara, a Japan-based technological blog. There was no explanation given as to why the design of the device will be modified.

Last month, iLounge reported that the iPad 3 would be around 0.7mm thicker than the iPad 2, as it will be required to accomodate dual-light bars needed for a higher-resolution display. Also, Apple will need new LED backlight solutions for the next-generation iPad if it increases the resolution of the display. If the next-generation iPad has a higher resolution than the present 2048x1536, it will require more than the single LED light bar, currently being used by the iPad 2, to maintain the same brightness of the display.

A thicker iPad could mean that Apple is incorporating a number of improvements into the device, which could also include a better camera and other features from the iPhone 4S.

Meanwhile, it is also reported that despite the additional thickness, it will still support the Apple Smart Cover, as the front rounding corner will be the same as the current iPad.