Apple plans to unveil something it wants us to see and touch, according to the press invites it sent out at the end of February. It could be an all new iPad 3, of course, but Apple could opt to debut a new iOS version 6 as well. Other rumors include a new Apple TV 2, iPad Mini announcement or an iPod Touch. Apple did announce a new iPod Nano when the iPhone 4S appeared back in October, so a totally separate device could appear with the iPad.

But, the latest rumor appears as Web sites are seeing an unidentified iPad show up in their server logs. Web sites can track what kind of devices visit their pages, and the new iPad showing up is running an as yet unseen operating system and browser. Additionally, the new high definition display rumored to be launching on iPad 3 has been further confirmed, tech blog Ars Technica reported. Mac Rumors had previously outed that tidbit when it got its hands on one of the display panels without the ability to power it on.

Other Web sites have been checking their Web logs and confirmed the unidentified device and browser. However, there could be more than one device running different systems, and Apple is testing them all out on various Web sites. With that in mind, the iOS 6 system may be running in a test build in Cuperitno, but it might not be the system necessarily coming with the new iPad.

iOS developers have already have access to version 5.1, so that is likely the update we will see on March 7, but Apple could surprise us. As for what features we are likely to see on the new OS, we don't know. But, the iPad 3 (2S?) could also come with 4G LTE connectivity and upgraded camera hardware. Tell us in the comments if you're ready for a new software update or if you're still exploring everything that came out with version five.

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