Apple iPad 3 will double the iPad 2 screen resolution it has been confirmed, but how sure can we be about other features the new tablet will launch with? A new iPad 3 display has been leaked, and a photograph of it under a microscope appears to show a pixel pattern that would double the amount of pixels per inch. The display photograph is not lit very well, but it does show the tell tale red, green and blue elements that make up the individual pixels. That means a display resolution of 2048x1536, Arnold Kim wrote on his MacRumors tech blog Feb. 17. Kim did not say where the display sample came from, but he did also reveal it is the same size a the iPad 2, 9.7-inches. 

Because only the display was viewed, and not the entire device, we don't know how good the new display will look, but most likely will not have any pixelation unless viewed from very close up. In fact, it should be the best display on any tablet when it comes out. Furthermore, the Wall Street Journal wrote Feb. 13 the iPad 3 would be 4G LTE-enabled on both the Verizon and AT&T networks. Whether or not there will be different models for each network remains to be seen. If all iPad 3's were to be compatible on both networks, that would again be a first because they use different broadband signals. Verizon uses a CDMA network, and AT&T uses GSM. iPad 3 would be the first so-called world tablet, able to travel anywhere and use both CDMA and GSM networks if it needed to.

Finally, a March 7 release date was also leaked Feb. 13, but a patent dispute in China over the iPad name has even that date in question. Chinese patent rules appear to be nearly incomprehensible, and the iPad name is already in use by a Chinese company. That means there's a chance iPads could even be prevented from being shipped out of the country until the dispute is settled. Get ready for a whirlwind of more details as the iPad 3 release date nears, because with the 4G LTE speeds and super HD display already known, consumers are going to want to know what else Apple will bring to the world's most popular tablet. Let us know in the comments if you're ready to grab iPad 3 or if you're happy with your current tablet.  

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