Apple App Store, launched in July 2008, crossed the 100,000 milestone on Thursday in terms of apps tailored specifically for the iPad. In comparison, Android Market has around 1,400 apps optimized for Android-based tablets.

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The popularity of the App Store can be attributed to the popularity of iPhone, the gold standard of smartphone innovation and especially iPad, which has revolutionized the way people use tablets.

iPad was launched in April 2010 and only 16 months later, the App Store boasts of 100,000 apps made specifically for the Apple device. Interestingly, it took over two years for App Store to boast of 100,000 apps made specifically for iPhone, even though there are now over 425,000 apps for the popular smartphone.

In March, when Apple released iPad 2, the company said there were 65,000 iPad-focused apps. Earlier this month, at the WWDC, Apple said the number had increased to slightly over 90,000. The growth in number of iPad-focused apps is truly phenomenal.

At the time of reporting, App Store boasted of 100,161 iPad-focused apps.

International Business Times (San Francisco) has listed the top 50 most popular, must-have, to-die-for iPad apps made till now:

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