Apple Inc. CEO, Steve Jobs, unveiled the highly-anticipated Apple iPad on Wednesday which is a Wi-Fi only device, contrary to precious speculation.

The iPad has a 9.7-inch IPS display, which is a type of TFT LCD that according to Jobs and it has a great angle of view.

The tablet is powered by Apple’s own custom silicon, Jobs says — a 1 GHz A4 chip, 16 GB of memory, 32 or 64 Gigabytes of storage.


Steve Jobs (Credit: Reuters)

It's got a full capacitive multitouch screen, like the iPhone, and has a 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1+, an accelerometer, compass, speaker, and mic, as well as the standard 30-pin connector.

“We been able to achieve 10 hours of battery life” Mr. Jobs says. “I can take a flight form San Francisco to Tokyo and watch video the whole way.”

Jobs says the iPad also has more than a month of standby battery capacity. You can leave it alone, and find it still with some charge when you come back in a few weeks.