The launch of Apple iPad in 2010 and its subsequent development have created a revolution in the art industry, thanks to digital applications that allow budding artists to use their tablets as a canvas.

A unique exhibition Future/Canvas2 was held at Gray Area Foundation for the Arts (GAFFTA) in San Francisco last month, displaying new and experimental arts created with iPad apps. According to GAFFTA, the goal of Future/Canvas2 is “to expose people to the world of iPad art and inspire new iPad artists.”

Some of the apps used in the exhibition include Gravilux, OscilloScoop, Electric Sheep, Uzu, ARTREE, Magic Window, and Living Earth.

With digital art and finger painting applications, artists are equipped with all the supplies they need – infinitely large amount of surface to draw, unlimited supply to draw with, and ability to save and continue the drawing work anytime at the artist’s convenience.

In addition, iPad allows for interactive arts using applications such as Gravilux, which would be impossible to replicate in the physical canvas setting. Indeed, the interactive arts on iPad have opened a new dimension for artists to explore.

Click on the slideshow to see some of the most amazing and revolutionizing iPad artworks. Enjoy.