Samsung recently unveiled the next iteration of the Tab lineup of slates in the form of “Galaxy Tab S2.” However, the South Korean technology giant is apparently feeling the heat right after Apple introduced its humongous iPad Pro, which is marketed by Apple as a business-focused device, similar to the Microsoft Surface Pro 3.

Meanwhile, Samsung has come up with a new ad showcasing the Galaxy Tab S2, in which it takes a potshot indirectly at Apple’s new tablet.

Not long ago, Samsung released an ad targeting Apple’s iPhone 6s series of smartphones. The ad titled “Samsung Galaxy – Open to Customization” shows the customization options available in the Galaxy series of phones. But then, as BGR puts it, the ad did not concentrate or highlight the unique features of the Galaxy S6 or the Galaxy Note 5.

Instead, the ad comes with the following tagline: “If it doesn’t look like your phone, it’s not your phone," which, according to many, was an indirect reply to Apple’s new TV ad that says: “If it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone.”

Meanwhile, the new ad specific to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 indirectly targets Apple’s iPad Pro. Samsung says in the video that the Tab S2 is specifically built for “downtime.” This can be construed in two ways: One, Samsung wants to say that the Tab S2 is targeted for “play/entertainment” and not for “work," while the other reason is to target Apple’s iPad Pro, which is being marketed as an enterprise or business-centric slate.

In the ad, Samsung emphasizes on the downtime by saying “elevate your downtime” with the new Galaxy Tab S2, constructed specifically to make the device owner relax. The ad, however, says that the slate has an octa-core processor and an expandable memory option.

Here are the add from Samsung on the new slate, stressing the importance of downtime: (Credit: YouTube/Samsung Mobile USA)