Apple Inc.’s new voice-recognition application for the iPhone 4S, better known as Siri, may be given a run for its money -- and digitally enhanced features -- by a recently released Android smartphone app called Iris, or Siri spelled backward.

An Android development team, Dexetra, created Iris within eight hours, incorporating voice input, text-to-speech features, and “a lot of heuristic humor,” the team posted on its blog. The app is currently available as a free download at the Android Market.

Siri is one of the top new features on the Apple iPhone 4S, which adapts to a user's individual preferences over time, personalizes results, and handles tasks such as making dinner reservations.

Apple's new voice-recognition app was reportedly designed to provide easy access to any random question your mind can dream up, but is Dexetra's new-er digital voice-recognition feature Iris taking a jab at Siri?

Yes, indeed. The name Iris is a humorous reversal of the name Siri. “I am Iris. Yeah, that is Siri in reverse, reads a Dexetra blog graphic.

Inspired from the iPhone feature Siri, Iris interacts with you in voice, and it makes your phone talk on topics ranging from Einstein to Mozart. Just 'ask' Iris. She will talk to you on any topic, ranging from philosophy, culture, history, science to general conversation, said Dexetra, Time magazine reported.

Vlingo, however, a free iPhone app with a voice-controlled personal assistant that can look up information or perform simple actions similar to both Siri and Iris. The app, available for free on all smartphones, was eventually acquired by Apple and released with an iOS update earlier this year, before Siri made its debut for the iPhone 4s.

The company engineered the iPhone 4S to be a world phone, enabling the company to manufacture one device that can be used with GSM carriers using micro-SIM cards worldwide, according to reports.

Meanwhile, Apple announced it would release the iPhone 4S, now available for preordering at online stores, to 22 additional countries by the end of the month, including Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, and Finland.

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