Apple iPhone 5 will have panoramic photo capabilities, suggests an iOS 5 code section.

This is on top of revelations this week that the next generation iPhone will have an 8MP camera and 1080p Full HD videos.

Now, that will be bad news or developers working on an app that offer panoramic camera capability to iPhone users. Some other smartphones already have this feature, hence developers were focusing on this feature.

As the iOs code section reveals, the next iPhone will let users take panoramic photos with the photo app.

It was reported earlier that Apple's iOS 5, unveiled at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) by Steve Jobs will feature the capability to play high resolution 1080p video content on iPad 2. What this means by extension is that the next generation iPhone will also sport this feature.

Apple's iPad 2 now sports the fast, dual core A5 chip, which can unleash enough power to run the ultra high resolution movies and videos. This is a big improvement on the iPhone 4.

iOS 4 hadn’t given iPhone and iPad users the 1080p playback facility -- they only had the 720p playback. Users could not even sync 1080p content to iOS devices through iTunes. Now that will change with the arrival of iOS 5.