Not only the iOS 7, but Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) latest phone offering -- the new iPhone 5s -- also seems to have encountered a bug, which is making handsets crash after turning the screen blue. The error, which is typically found on older Windows PCs, gets a fancy name after being associated with Apple’s flagship smartphone -- "Blue Screen Of Death," or BSOD.

Users of affected iPhone 5s units have crowded Apple’s support forums with their complaints. According to them, their devices are rebooted after a BSOD, which turns the screen entirely blue for a moment followed by a system crash.

The Verge reported that the anomaly appears to be specific to the iPhone 5s and is mainly occurring with iWork apps, which come free with new iOS devices. Here is a video detailing the BSOD error, which shows that the phone encounters the problem when the user initiates multitasking between apps.

A number of threads on Apple’s support forums have highlighted the glitch with the new handset, while many affected users have also expressed their views via Twitter.

“How do I resolve the blue screen error while using iWork on my iPhone 5s? When I use Pages, for example, and press home button to switch app, my iPhone restarts after a blue screen,” an iPhone 5s user wrote on a thread on Apple’s support forum.

The Verge report said that one workaround to avoid the iWork-related reboots is to disable iCloud syncing for Apple's Pages, Keynote and Numbers apps. However, another user said that turning off pages access to iCloud did not solve the problem for him.

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Apple recently released the iOS 7.0.2 update to fix lock-screen security bugs, but the new firmware version does not address the reboot issue.