In the last 72 hours, various photos of iPhone 6 parts have surfaced. On Sunday, consumers got a chance to see possible iPhone chassis mold from two different angles. Early Tuesday morning, two other possible iPhone parts were leaked. One image, showing a set of smartphone batteries, was leaked to, while a photo of a possible iPhone front panel, fitting current rumors of the iPhone 6, was leaked onto the Chinese microblogging website Weibo. If accurate, is this really the first glimpse of what the iPhone 6 will look like?

The front panel looks pretty much exactly like what one would expect from Apple and fits very closely with the rumored changes. The screen is much larger than the iPhone 5s that is next to it, given obviously for reference. And by using some basic math and the Pythagorean Theorem, one can determine that the unfamiliar screen is approximately 4.7 inches. The iPhone 6 has been rumored to come in two different sizes, a 4.7-inch version and a 5.5-inch version.

iphone_6_front_panel Alleged iPhone 6 front panel. Photo:

The purported iPhone 6 screen also has all of the standard sensor cutouts in the right places. The ambient light sensor has not been moved from the left of the speaker, and the FaceTime camera cutout has not been moved from above the speaker. However, it appears that the camera cutout is smaller, which may indicate a change in the FaceTime camera module on the upcoming iPhone.

The bezel has also been reduced, which falls in line with previous rumors. The screen is notably wider and taller than the iPhone 5s, which allows for the taller screen without making the iPhone oddly tall. Overall, while the legitimacy of the photo should be questioned, this looks pretty close to mockups that have been designed based on Apple’s previous iPhones. And considering the rows of similar screens in the background, this screen isn’t a one-off production.

What is still unclear is how the rest of the phone will look. Several schematics have been leaked recently. One in particular, supposedly out of a Foxconn plant in China, shows measurements for an iPhone 6 with rounded edges. The square edges on the current iPhone 5s were first introduced in 2010, with the iPhone 4. The age of the design may indicate a redesign for this year’s model.

iphone_6_batteries_tray Possible iPhone 6 batteries Photo: Courtesy

The battery image gives viewers very little to go on other than their resemblance to current iPhone batteries. However, as the original report speculates, the metallic leads have seemingly been moved, which might indicate a redesign as well. Coupling that speculation with the age of the current design, the likelihood of an iPhone revamp is fairly high. But the images of casting molds that were leaked over the weekend appeared to be missing a piece, making it hard to determine what the iPhone 6 would ultimately look like.

iOS 8 apps Regulators admonished the app industry for failing to protect user privacy. Photo: Courtesy Twitter @zmeric

Lastly, a possible screen shot of iOS 8 may have been published Monday, adding in several new Apps to the iPhone’s repertoire. Among the familiar Newsstand, Passbook and Stocks, comes a possible iPhone version of GarageBand, CarPlay, iTunes Radio and the highly speculated Healthbook. The screengrab also shows an iOS version of iWorks, including Pages, Numbers, Keynote, iMovie and iPhoto. The most interesting of all of the added Apps is in the iPhone dock. A new Watch Utility has appeared, which gives rise to the fabled iWatch, said to be coming this fall. Whether these Apps are legitimate or if it is just a mock up is still to be determined.