Apple’s iPhone may be one of the most buzzworthy devices on the market, but a new study indicates that it may also be the most accident-prone. According to a survey from SquareTrade obtained by Slash Gear, more than $5.9 billion has been spent on iPhone repairs in America since the first-generation smartphone debuted in 2007.

An infographic released by SquareTrade puts this staggering number in perspective, revealing that this is $100 million more than President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will spend on their presidential campaigns combined. The study also says this figure is 29 times more than what Americans spend on contraceptives each year, and twice the amount spent on toilet paper annually.

The cost of repairing a broken screen for an iPhone 4S out-of-warranty is $199, and $149 for preceding models. However, Apple device owners can register for Apple Care+, which requires a one-time fee of $99 and extends repairs and support for two years following a purchase.

Although it was reported by CBS earlier this month that iPhone-related thefts are on the rise, the study indicates that accidental damage is 10 times more common than lost or stolen iPhones. Furthermore, the data from SquareTrade reveals that 30 percent of users have damaged their iPhone in the past 12 months alone.

In terms of how these devices get damaged, the most popular method is dropping the iPhone while holding it. The second most common accident involves immersing the phone in liquid, and following in third place is the 13 percent of users who reported that their iPhone became damaged after it fell out of their lap. The least common ways in which iPhone owners damage their device are knocking the phone off of a table, or spilling liquid on the iPhone.

However, not all butter-fingered iPhone owners pay the fee to get their device repaired. Twelve percent of respondents are willing to put up with a cracked screen, and six percent said they would tape their iPhone back together before getting it fixed.

It’s no secret that damages to Apple products could result in costly fixes, and the iPhone isn’t the only device requiring a pricy repair. When Apple announced its Retina Display MacBook Pro earlier this year, the iFixIt team performed a full teardown to get to the core of Apple’s new laptop. The results found that the Retina Display MacBook Pro is the least reparable Apple laptop yet, and the company requires a $199 fee to replace the battery. Retina Display MacBook Pro owners do not have the option of dodging this cost  by replacing it themselves, as the battery is secured with glue right above the device’s track pad cable.

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