Apple’s latest 4.0-inch iPhone SE has been widely described as a mix of iPhone 6s and iPhone 5s. While the new iPhone gets its design inspiration from iPhone 5s, many of the high-end configurations are from the iPhone 6s.

Apple, in general, is not known to house bigger battery cells or over-the-top screen resolutions in its iPhones, unlike the Android counterparts. While Samsung, LG, Sony and HTC have already welcomed the QHD / 2K resolution of 1,440 x 2,560 pixels, Apple seems quite satisfied with 1,080 x 1,920 pixels resolution for smaller screens. For instance, Sony went one step further and featured a killer 4K resolution on its Xperia Z5 Premium.

Speaking of battery, Samsung's Galaxy S7 comes with a solid 3,000 mAh battery unit, whereas the iPhone 6s has only half of that battery capacity (1,715 mAh) onboard. In any case, readers should note that battery capacity is not the only criteria to determine the battery life. Apple has been quite impressive in tweaking the software to offer adequate-to-good battery life.

Apple traditionally does not give out the battery or RAM configuration during the device announcement. But now, a new teardown report from ETrade Supply, picked up by Phone Arena, says the Apple iPhone SE comes with a bigger battery cell than the iPhone 5s.

Considered as a mix of iPhone 5s and 6s, Apple apparently made the battery of the new iPhone bigger than the 5s and at the same time, it is smaller than the 6s. To be specific, the iPhone SE comes bundled with a 1,624 mAh cell, whereas the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6s come with 1,560 mAh and 1,715 mAh units, respectively.

Meanwhile, GSM Arena pointing to a teardown exercise by Chipworks says the SK Hynix-built LPDDR4 2GB memory, NFC, audio chips and motion sensor seen in the iPhone SE are same as the iPhone 6s from 2015. While the Qualcomm modem is same as the iPhone 6 from 2014 and the touchscreen controller apparently comes from the iPhone 5s.