All PC makers that plan to sell their products in China have to pre-load the 'Green Dam Youth Escort' filtering software starting next month in which an employee from China who spoke on condition of anonymity says that Apple has no alternative than to follow the mandate from Chinese government.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang says that the planned is purely clean claiming that it was in accordance with the law and that the software is aimed at blocking and filtering some unhealthy content, including pornography and violence.

The Chinese government pushes forward the healthy development of the internet. But it lawfully manages the internet, Qin added.

However, industry associations made their move to approach the mandate of Chinese government. The Information Technology Industry Council, the Software & Information Industry Association, the Telecommunications Industry Association and TechAmerica urged the Chinese government to reconsider its mandate. The four U.S. technology-industry associations say that it would welcome the opportunity for a meaningful dialogue.

We believe there should be an open and healthy dialogue on how parental control software can be offered in the market in ways that ensure privacy, system reliability, freedom of expression, the free flow of information, security and user choice.

In separate Report, an employee with Apple China, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told the Global Times that there is no other way for the company to get rid from the decisions of the government the company has to consult its headquarters in the United States for approval. But due to the particularity of the Chinese market, the company has no alternatives but to follow local rules.”

Other Tech companies are also trying to move and approach the initiative from the government in proper way such as Microsoft who released a statements late Monday saying that the order “needs to be properly addressed.”