At Apple's media event in Cupertino, VP of marketing Phil Schiller unveiled a revamped iPod Nano, complete with bigger icons, new clock faces for people who like to wear it as a watch, and a new functionality that tracks walks and runs.

Users no longer have to attach the Nike+ to track their hikes or exercises.

Right out of the box, you can go on a walk or a run without adding sensors or devices, Schiller says.

The new iPod Nano will feature 16 different clock faces, and will come in seven colors. An 8 GB iPod Nano will sell for $129 and a 16 GB iPod Nano will sell for $149. Both versions of the Nano are available in the Apple Store now.

We still love music and we're still making iPods, says Schiller.

This news is a relief to those who believed Apple might nix two of their iPods, the iPod Classic and iPod Shuffle.

Apple will also release a new and improved white iPod Touch. Consumers can buy a 8GB iPod Touch for $199 and a 32 GB iPod Touch for $299. For $399, users can buy a 64 GB iPod Touch. All three versions of the iPod Touch will be available on Oct. 12.

Apple will still sell the iPod Shuffle for $49.