Apple plans to feature deep integration of voice control in the next version of its mobile operating system, TechCrunch reports. 

Using voice controls, iOS users will be able to navigate the operating system's interface using artificial intelligence and assistive technologies. 

Apple isn't new to voice commands, as support for them is offered in both the iPhone's music interface and iPod Touch, both of which allow users to choose songs and artists by speaking into the microphone.

But voice control on future Apple devices expected to go further. In the update, Apple is expected use the technology it acquired via its 2010 purchase of Siri, developer of the personal assistant application of the same name. Using Siri, users can accomplish tasks like searching for events and making reservations at restaurants using only their voices.

The rumors come amid increased speculation that Apple plans to delay its next iPhone until the fall. Unlike previous years, Apple is not expected to announce its next phone at its World Wide Developers Conference, taking place in June. The company is, however, expected to give developers their first glimpse of the expanded voice technology.

Apple did not respond to requests for comment.