Rumors concerning the upcoming iPhone 5 are nothing new, but Tuesday's crop included two particularly choice morsels: a reputable source claiming that pre-orders could begin as early as Sept. 30, and actual visual evidence that LTE will be involved.

The first batch of insider semi-confirmation comes from the traditionally reliable 9to5 Mac, which has trusted sources saying that the launch date for the iPhone 5 will be Oct. 7. That same date has been tossed around in rumors for a few weeks now, which is in itself a point for its reliability, and it also makes sense concerning recent reports of Apple's orders to suppliers.

Still, even if it is an accurate rumor as of now, Apple is certainly not above changing its mind before the time comes -- and certainly not above planting some rumors on purpose to keep people guessing.

Perhaps the more interesting aspect of this rumor is the pre-order status. Last year, the iPhone 4 was officially announced on June 7, and pre-orders started a week later, with the ultimate on-sale date being June 15. This makes a Sept. 7/ Oct. 7/ Oct. 14 schedule rather more likely, although another level of uncertainty exists concerning exactly how many different models of iPhone there will be (i.e., an iPhone 4S update and/ or a completely new iPhone 5; a low-end model and a high-end model, etc.).

As much as the situation doesn't need to be more complicated, Engadget had to ask on Tuesday, Why is LTE equipment being installed in an Apple Store?

The article featured a pic of 4G LTE equipment used in an Apple Store installation, ostensibly by AT&T -- a company which just happens to be planning to use the exact bands (AWS and 700mhz) that the disappearing equipment supports (BTW: the original pic is now gone, but a helpful commenter or two posted a backup that still exists as of this writing).

This is (semi) confirmation of the (semi) confirmation posted on on Monday, which displayed buried LTE code from an internal iOS test build from one of Apple’s major carrier partners. At the time, BGR was careful to warn that this might not be used by the very next version of the iPhone, but Engadget's tantalizing glimpse certainly makes one wonder how quickly Apple is moving on LTE.

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