Despite initial criticism from the press, Apple sold over four million of its new iPhone 4S, just three days after its launch on October 14.  To be honest, I never had any doubts that the iPhone 4S would be another Apple bestseller and those sentiments are echoed by mobile app user acquisition platform Fiksu's latest App Store Competitive Index which confirms that mobile application downloads in the U.S. increased from 3.8 million in September 2011 to a record 4.91 million in October, a 29 percent month-over-month leap after the iPhone 4S launched.

Fiksu says the iPhone 4S launch played a key role in the large spike in mobile app downloads, following several months of declines. The company collected data from 6.54 billion mobile app actions and 143 million downloads, and its indexes recorded a 40% increase in download volume following the launch of the iPhone 4S. And that's not all - the index shot up by a whopping 70% during the iPhone 4S launch weekend. Fiksu also recorded a significant increase in organic downloads: up 75% during the launch and steadying at 54% post-launch.


The company says there were 4.91 million downloads in October, a significant rise as compared with 3.8 million in September. The company concludes that October proved to be a golden phase for mobile advertisers and marketers, despite the high opportunistic costs.

As predicted, October was a frenzied month; the availability of the iPhone 4S weekend launch caused an unprecedented surge in app downloads, providing great opportunity in volume for mobile advertisers, said Micah Adler, CEO, Fiksu.For mobile marketers seeking a window of extreme growth regardless of cost, the iPhone 4S launch presented a bonanza to secure large volumes of new users. But for those seeking to maximize value and ROI, the best bet was to resist the temptation to join the initial rush. Our advice to cost conscious marketers was to wait it out for a week and then take advantage of the efficiencies in heightened volumes at significantly lower costs.

And now that the iPhone 4S fever has truly gripped Hong Kong and New Zealand, I won't be surprised if the Apple App Store smashes few more sales records in the coming months. What do you think? Please leave your opinion by leaving a comment.

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