If you're itchin' to purchase an Apple TV today, good luck finding one. Ninety-eight percent of Apple's retail locations are sold out of the set-top box device, and it isn't available for immediate pickup when placing an order for it online, reports MacRumors.

The dry spell could be an indication of the pending release of an updated version of the device. Several reports that surfaced last week suggested that Apple would unveil a new version of Apple TV alongside its new tablet device at a special event on Wednesday.

Those rumors were set off by new part numbers that began to surface last week.

In New York City, only the SoHo Apple Store has the Apple TV in stock, reports VentureBeat, who used the company's website to check availability. The blog notes that Apple's flagship Fifth Ave. and new Grand Central locations aren't showing availability until March 9.

Customers can still order the current model of Apple TV by having it shipped directly to their homes. The price of the device is currently set at $99. It currently only supports high-definition up to 720p.

The latest rumors suggest that a new Apple TV device would upgrade the video quality to 1080p. Other rumors suggest that the new set-top box will have Siri integration