Amazon and Apple launched two highly anticipated products in the last two weeks, and clearly neither product is perfect, but Amazon wins the battle of product launches for a few reasons. Kindle Fire entered the tablet market with fewer expectations. Kindle Fire is the first piece of hardware Amazon has ever made, but now that the specs are known, it seems like a decent first offering. Additionally, the world of tablet computers is still very young and fertile ground with plenty of room to take risks and be bold. That's pretty easy for Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos because he has the right attitude and confident style to pull it off.

For Apple, it's a bit different. Not that CEO Tim Cook isn't flashy or confident, it's just that he has taken over for Steve Jobs, an undeniably charismatic and well liked leader in the tech world. But the respective companies' CEO's aside, Amazon still comes out ahead on the recent product launches because the iPhone 4S simply does not overwhelm. It's got plenty to like, but nothing revolutionary like a bigger screen or new slimmer body design.

Now comes a report that Amazon is selling almost 50,000 Kindle Fires a day online. A source from inside Amazon has purportedly leaked copies of its in house inventory system and if accurate, could predict the best selling tablet ever, tech blog Cult of Android said on its Web site. Again, tablets and smartphones are very different, but from the company side of things, the comparison is apt because Amazon could represent the first real challenge to Apple's iPad.

Lastly, the amount of hype surrounding the iPhone 4S debut would have been hard to live up to, but when you are number one at what you do, like Apple is, that's the measuring stick to which you are held. Do you think Amazon could, in time, challenge Apple for tech world supremacy? Will Apple see more competition from various Android devices instead? Tell us in the comments section.

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