Apple’s anticipated iPhone 5 may hit the markets on August 16.

The latest rumors have arrived after a recruitment site, Reed, put up an advertisement seeking specialist staff with knowledge of the Apple-made smartphone. The recruitment site is looking for full-time sales staff on behalf of Apple who has experience of selling mobile phones and will be able to demonstrate the handset to customers in Apple stores.

The temporary position is due to commence on August 16 which, many believe, will also be the arrival date of the awaited Apple-made smartphone. Apple usually hires new staff during the time of arrival of a new iPhone.

A source also revealed to the BGR website that Apple will organize an event in the beginning or middle of August to announce the new iPhone, with availability to follow in the last week of August.

The appointment of the staff is being handled by a UK-based field marketing agency Gekko, according to a PC Advisor report.

The new 4G LTE compatible iPhone 5 is expected to arrive with an 8MP dual-LED flash camera with 1080p native video playback, an enhanced A5 processor, a larger 3.7-inch curved glass screen and voice recognition features.