Apple Inc. will be launching its top class operating system, iOS5, for its mobile phones, iPads and iPods on Wednesday afternoon.

iOS 5, which includes over 200 features like iTunes and iCloud, is likely to threaten BlackBerry and other mobile carriers.

iOS 5's iMessage is supposed to give mobile carriers a run for their money as the new message service will enable its users to exchange text messages, photos and videos with any iOS 5-supported device free of cost. Presently wireless carriers charge users 20 cents for sending and another 20 cents for receiving messages.

iMessage is also going to give a tough time to Research in Motion's (RIM) BlackBerry Messenger, which is already losing credibility in the eyes of its customers.

After the continuation of BlackBerry service breakdown even after three days, BlackBerry customers are venting their anger over Facebook and Twitter. The angry and disappointed customers indicate their readiness to switch to a better service like Apple's.

BlackBerry's service failure comes at the time when its rival Apple is gaining the attention of tech consumers. The longevity of RIM's crisis across the globe becomes one more advantage for Apple's launch of iMessage.

A major advantage iMessage has over BBM is if the message cannot be sent via iMessage for any reason, the message will be sent automatically using the carrier's existing messaging service.

Over all, the situation for BlackBerry is not at all in its favor. The troubled RIM will have to do something more than just resolving its broken BBM services to compete with Apple.

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