Apple's music-only networking site, Ping, has partnered with networking site Twitter to help users discover music more easily.

Ping, which works through Apple's iTunes, is dedicated to music. Users can recommend their favorite music and follow particular artistes. It also has regular updates regarding schedules, concerts and more.

Now, posts and reviews on Ping will be tweeted automatically from users who have a Twitter account. The links will play a preview of the song or connect back to iTunes or the iTunes store.

Ping was launched by Apple in September as a music-exclusive networking site but has not gained much popularity. It works mainly through iTunes, where the users have to turn Ping on to share feeds.

Apple's deal with Twitter comes after an attempt to link with Facebook failed last month.

The partnership with Apple will boost Ping more than Twitter, which is revamping its website to make it more personalized and including various ways to embed photos and videos directly to the website.

These changes will roll out as a preview over the next several weeks, Twitter said on its website.

Twitter has about 175 million registered users, far lesser than 500 million users Facebook says it has. 95 million tweets are written every day, according to the Twitter website, while about 50 percent of Facebook's users log on every day, sharing more than 30 billion pieces of content each month.

However, the success of Ping on Twitter still depends on how many users sign on to Ping to use the service.

Tweeting music previews from Ping? That is not very interesting, said Marshal Kirkpatrick of news site ReadWriteWeb, BBC News reported.