For weeks, we have been seeing varying leaked details about Apple's next-generation iPhone, including several pictures purporting to be unassembled parts of the phone.

Now, the Chinese-language blog iLab Factory is showing what it claims to be a fully assembled iPhone 5 built from smuggled parts.The phone's official features and release date have not yet been announced by Apple.

The iLab report shows all the parts separately and then goes on to offer a fully constructed view of what may well be the iPhone 5. It certainly has all of the features we have come to expect in Apple's newest phone, including a smaller, 19-pin dock, a relocated headphone jack, and redesigned speakers. The phone also appears to be longer and smaller than current iPhone models.  

Take a look at the pictures below.




The new 19-pin dock is interesting for several reasons. For years, Apple's dock connection had become iconic, with similar models being used on all of their mobile devices since the early iPods were introduced.

This redesign comes as a shocking break from tradition for Apple, which is known for the consistency of its designs. However, the old design had reportedly been hindering development of a slimmer phone, and it appears Apple finally had to nix its old standby.

Apple is notoriously secretive about its production process, especially before a new product has been unveiled. To minimize exposure of their new gadgets, Apple has parts made in several different factories, mostly in Asia.

Photos of various disassembled parts have been leaking online, but this is the first time someone has claimed to have assembled an entire iPhone 5 simply from leaked parts.