Apple is expected to launch a refreshed line-up of Macs on Oct. 27. The Cupertino giant is launching new versions of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, but that might not be all it has up its sleeve.

The company released its Siri-enabled MacOS Sierra in September, but the Mac range of devices sporting the software is yet to be launched. Recode claimed Tuesday the new hardware will be showcased at the event, which is happening just in time for the holiday season.

Here are four products expected to be launched at Apple’s Mac Event:

MacBook Pro 2016

The Apple MacBook Pro is expected to receive its first major overhaul since 2012.

MacBook Pro 2016 is expected to be thinner and lighter than the existing models. It will have a bigger keypad, Touch ID and Auto Unlock feature for Apple Watch users, which will unlock the machine without a password when the Apple Watch is within proximity.

The device is also expected to come with AMD Polaris GPU and Intel Skylake processors under the hood.

MacBook Air 2016

Apple has up till now sold an 11-inch model of the MacBook Air. It is expected to discontinue the existing device in favor of 12-inch and 13-inch MacBook Air.

The overall design of the MacBook Air is expected to remain the same, but the 2016 model will come with USB-C support, Bloomberg reported. The display too is expected to remain the same for Apple’s entry-level laptop.

5k External Display

 Apple Thunderbolt display was discontinued in June and a new model is expected to be unveiled at its Oct. 27 event.

The new display is expected to come with 5K 5120x2880p resolution with a powerful internal GPU, which will make lower-resolution Macs compatible with the display. Apple is expected to price it above $1,000.

iMac 2016

Apple is expected to update its iMac range with AMD GPU options and USB-C connectivity.