Applied DNA Sciences, Inc., a developer of DNA embedded biotechnology security solutions in the US and Europe, has recently announced that it has signed an agreement with RedWeb Technologies, which gives the company exclusive rights to distribute the Sentry 500 Intruder Spray Systems embedded with SigNature DNA in North America. The system is already being utilized in Sweden with great results.

Applied DNA believes that the North American market for this product is vast and so far untouched. For example, in jewelry stores alone, the sales potential exceeds $32 million for initial installation, with potential renewal fees every 18-month period.

Several spray heads can be installed at the entry points of premises and on activation can discharge a burst of DNA solutions upon offenders. The solution consists of a rapid-read tracer and a particular DNA code, which links the criminal to the crime scene without a doubt. The DNA Spray can be equipped by a panic button and/or linked with a preexisting intruder alarm system. As the DNA fear factor for criminals remains high, it is likely that the intruders that are sprayed will flee the crime scene before stealing any merchandise. Police can often identify the thieves, but do not have enough evidence to link them to the crime or convict them. DNA is the missing link.

”Criminals will always find the path of least resistance to their attack. The SmartDNA™ system provides an effective deterrent to crime which means the criminals will move away to easier targets ensuring the bank can continue to offer banking services to its customers in an ever competitive market place,” commented Chris Taylor, Managing Director of RedWeb Technologies.

Establishments that are protected with SmartDNA immediately become hardened targets, as criminals are cautious of DNA technology, aware that DNA directly links them to the crimes they commit. Retail outlets, jewelers, schools, gas stations, and even International banks can utilize the DNA spray in order to protect their valuable products and assets.

“SmartDNA both deters thieves breaking in to properties and assists in the recovery of stolen goods so that they can be returned to their rightful owners. The system is easy to use and inexpensive compared to the possible cost of a robbery. Our Spray Systems are being used throughout Europe with great success and we are excited to have our products, combined with SigNature DNA, distributed by APDN in North America,” commented Chris Smith, Group Sales Director of RedWeb Technologies.

The traces of the DNA solution can be taken from the hair, skin, and clothing of the criminals, and are sent to ADPN for forensic analysis to prove that the offender has broken into the establishment. Although it is invisible and harmless, the SmartDNA marker will exist on the offender for weeks, as it will cling to fibers and reside in creases of the skin.

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