Leading provider of DNA-based security solutions, Applied DNA Sciences, Inc., announced today that it has joined forces with Banknote Watch, government and police companies devoted to fighting the ongoing battle against cash-in-transit (CIT) crimes. The company’s SigNature® DNA marks, which work to dissuade criminals, helps the CIT companies lower costs and minimize risk to their personnel. The UK police have responded positively to the forensic quality of the evidence produced by SigNature DNA.

APDN has increased its market share of the taggants used by the UK CIT industry by almost 20%. The company hopes to continue increasing market penetration and revenue by broadening its authentication client base. Based on its recent successful authentications of recovered cash from CIT crimes, APDN expects that the value of its DNA evidence will add to its proliferation in prosecuting criminals. The next steps in APDN’s growth strategy are to ensure that all cash degradation systems, including ink and dye packs, contain SigNature DNA, and protect cash boxes, ATMs, and other security systems used by banks, post offices, building societies and retail outlets.

Banknote Watch is a UK-based crime prevention initiative that aims to prevent criminals profiting from the proceeds of crimes and reduce the risk of commercial robbery by raising public awareness. APDN will participate in Banknote Watch’s public awareness campaigns which utilize posters, leaflets and website information. Additionally, Banknote Watch currently has a presence in South Africa.

James Hayward, CEO of APDN stated, “DNA is proven to be extremely persistent, and yet it is remarkably compatible with a myriad of inks and glues that makes it an invaluable tool for the CIT industry to mitigate loss and risk.”

Alan Townsend, Chairman of BankNote Watch, added, “Applied DNA Sciences represents the ‘new age’ of cash degradation systems and we are very pleased to welcome Applied DNA as our newest member. The use of botanical SigNature DNA taggants can be directly linked to a specific crime, leading to increased convictions of those responsible.”

In the UK, APDN is working with Banknote Watch, Loomis UK, the Metropolitan Police and other Crime Prevention Groups to further generate public awareness on the deterrence value of SigNature DNA-marked cash boxes. The result of these coordinated efforts should increase conviction rates and cause fewer criminals on the street.

Tony Benson, Loomis UK Risk Director, commented, “The deterrence value of DNA is clear — if you commit a cash box robbery, you will be caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. DNA stands for ‘Do Not Attempt’ and this means that a stolen note recovered from the offender can be linked to the cash box.”