Applied DNA Sciences Inc. announced that its SigNature DNA security solutions helped UK Police investigate stolen bank notes as they seek prosecution against the alleged perpetrators. The company has been working with UK law enforcement to verify the efficiency of SigNature DNA and how it can assist law enforcement officials.

SigNature DNA is a botanical mark that cannot be duplicated, ensuring valid branding for products in a variety of industries, including law enforcement and criminal investigation.

“DNA provides a forensic trail of evidence linking the criminal to the crime, and DNA authentication supports the enforcement programs of the various law enforcement groups,” Dr. James Hayward, CEO of Applied DNA stated in the press release.

The company recently completed the DNA analysis in its Authentication Lab in Yorkshirie, proving that SigNature DNA’s dye could not be removed from the documents, despite having been washed with harsh chemicals several times.

Loomis UK is a UK-based cash handling organization that uses SigNature DNA to protect its money. The dye is sprayed on the money, and if that money is tampered with, its container, the money and the handler will be contaminated, linking the offender to the crime scene.

“This is the first time SigNature DNA evidence has been presented to help prosecute and ultimately convict offenders in the UK. We hope this evidence will serve as a warning to other potential criminals that they will be successfully prosecuted if SigNature DNA is found on them,” Tony Benson, risk director for Loomis stated.