Applied Nanotech Holdings Inc. is a premier research and commercialization firm focused on solving problems at the molecular level using nanotechnology. The company has organized its efforts into five areas of focus: nanomaterials, nanoelectronics, nanosensors, nanoecology and its legacy business – CNT Electron Emission.

The company announced today that its Board of Directors have unanimously appointed Mr. Xi (David) Li to the board. Mr. Li is an executive at Sichuan Anxian Yinhe Construction and Chemical Group Company Ltd. The company is the largest producer of chromate salt in China.

Mr. Li is currently the deputy director of project development at Yinhe Construction and Chemical (YHCC). He has been instrumental in providing direction for the company’s strategy and managing its growth. Prior to his work at YHCC, Mr. Li held the position of general manager at Mianyang Vanetts Chemical Industrial Company Ltd., which is a subsidiary of YHCC. While there he was responsible for the company’s policies, planning and expansion of its production lines.

Applied Nanotech has also received a $2.5 million investment from YHCC as part of its strategic partnership that will create opportunities to commercialize the company’s nanotechnologies and bring them to market. This partnership was announced on February 17, 2011, giving YHCC the exclusive right to license and commercialize two of Applied Nanotech’s technologies in China and other parts of Asia and nonexclusive rights in other parts of the world.

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