Applied Nanotech Holdings Inc., a nano-technology research and commercialization company, announced today that it has been awarded a $100,000 Phase I contract with the U.S. Army to develop an advanced battery anode for rechargeable lithium-ion batteries using a novel silicon nano-structure material.

The company will use its expertise in producing silicon nano-particles, ink development, and ink processing to demonstrate the feasibility of a nano-Si anode, replacing the standard carbon based anodes currently used in lithium-ion batteries. The new anode is expected to greatly improve battery charge capacity, micro scale charge conduction, and energy density, resulting in a longer life battery that can withstand more charge cycles.

The lithium-ion battery market is huge and growing. It now makes up over 75% of the multi-billion dollar rechargeable battery marketplace. Lithium-ion batteries are used for iPods, cell phones, cameras, and now even for larger applications, such as electric vehicles.

CEO of Applied Nanotech Inc., Dr. Zvi Yaniv commented on the technology. “Utilizing several of our patents and patent pending technologies, we have identified a solution enabled by nanotechnology that addresses an existing problem in a very large market arena.”

CEO of the holding company, Applied Nanotech Holdings Inc., Douglas P. Baker, added, “We are continuing to focus our efforts on using our technology to develop cost effective methods to provide environmentally advantageous solutions that have substantial market value. Improving rechargeable batteries and extending battery life is a perfect example of this strategy.”

Applied Nanotech Holdings, Inc. employs a team of PhD level scientists and engineers working with companies and other organizations to solve technical impasses and create innovations that will provide a competitive advantage. The business model is to license patents and technology to partners that will manufacture and distribute products using the technology. Applied Nanotech has over 250 patents or patents pending.