Today it was announced that AppTech has completed its first round of funding with Super Star Learning Company (SSLC). This strategic investment should be the catalyst to move SSLC into the next development phase, allowing for more focus on the marketing of their products as well as further development.

Eric Ottens stated: “With this initial round of funding, we have set specific goals between the two companies that will produce benefits for both entities. Together with Super Star Learning, we are committing to develop apps that will target the education, business, and consumer markets. SSLC has the resources for numerous smartphone applications as part of their product line. Moreover, AppTech is exploring ways to work with SSLC in quickly bringing several of these innovative mobile apps to market. Super Star Learning is one of the world’s leading pioneers in online and social media education. The particular segment that we are working on within the education community has potential for exponential growth. We look forward to developing some exciting apps that will captivate users throughout the world.”

John Stippick, President of Super Star Learning commented, “We are excited to be working with the AppTech team as they not only bring investment funding for our sales and marketing efforts, but the AppTech team also brings relationships and expertise for emerging Latin American markets.” Stippick added, “With our core social e-learning technologies and AppTech’s mobile deployment strategies, we are able to stick to our products and app release schedules.”