With the April Fool's Day taking over internet like never before, Twitter has come alive on the occasion with tweeps playing online pranks on their followers, and a flood of jokes on celebrities like Rebecca Black, Justin Bieber, and Lady Gaga.

The April Fool's Day frenzy that has gripped the popular microblogging site has brought up '#aprilfools' on the Trending Topics list.

The observance of All Fools' Day that takes place April 1 of every year got a head start with a death hoax this year. Actor Jackie Chan became the latest to join the list of celebrities to be hit by rumored demise on the internet.

Social media was abuzz, a day ahead of the April Fool's Day, with reports on death of the actor. Soon realtime search results with 'RIP Jackie Chan' began showing up, prompting the Jackie Chan's representatives to step in to quash the rumors. The origin of the death hoax has been tracked back to a 'pastehtml' site, which was made to look like a Yahoo7 News page.

Jackie is fine and busy preparing for filming his next movie, read a post the actor's Facebook page.

Nevertheless, not all were ready to buy the rumor as some Twitter users questioned if reports on Chan's death were an early April Fool's Day prank.

As the world awakens to the April Fool's Day, Twitter continues to be infused with more Fool's mania.

Expecting this, one user, cosmicniles Niles (EmotionalPop), tweeted, I can tell twitter is going to be unbearable today. #aprilfools

Another user, xRebelYell, making a commentary on the Jackie Chan death hoax, wrote: Im pretty sure some celebs will die today on twitter. #aprilfools

Companies and firms also did not shy away from having some good out Fool's fun.

A tweet from MediaAxis, a Web Design & Media Services firm in Port Elizabeth, posted: Some guy just called asking if we can build a website for his Tuxedos for Penguins business. #aprilfools

While Cody Simpson, the Australia singer, chose to caution his fans on April Fool's Day, with a tweet that read: Trust no one... believe nothing ! #aprilfools, a celebrity of the Twitter world, Fail Whale tried a prank with the post:

Twitter just changed the character limit to 200!! #AprilFools!! You still get 140 characters.
Celebrities continued to be the talk of the Twitter town with some nasty jokes doing the rounds. The most tweeted about celebrities included Youtube sensation Rebecca Black of the Friday fame, Canadian teen pop sensation Justin Bieber, and of course Lady Gaga.

Lord_Voldemort7 or The Dark Lord, one of the most watched and retweeted accounts on the microblogging site, took a swipe at Rebecca Black: April Fools Day falls on a Friday. No need to pull a prank, Rebecca Black's singing career is enough of a joke.

Bielibers were as active as ever and did not miss an opportunity to attack Rebecca Black, who has been touted as the next 'Bieber' over the possibility of her launching into stardom through YouTube, much to the disagreement of Bieber fans.

gabbeeeey (Gabbey Rodil) tweeted, I love Rebecca Black.... LOLJK!! #aprilfools HAHAH I LOVE @justinbieber!!!

BELiEBiN_LOVE (a r i a n n e) simply posted, @justinbieber I HATE YOU! <3 #aprilfools

Targeting Lady Gaga, JAlfredoGro J, wrote: Lady gaga is a man.... #aprilfools

There was another fraction of tweeps who let their imagination run wild to throw some shockers to their followers.

One user, efcdom (Anon Y Mous) tweeted: Just got back from the hospital. I swapped all the transfusion blood with aids blood. #Aprilfools

With the intention of stirring the fear set off my the devastating March 11 Japan earthquake, JohnnMorales (John Morales), posted: Ohh did you guys feel the earthquake!!??! D: Little but stilll!!! #aprilfools