April Spielman dressed up as Tinker Bell and was in tears when Disney security denied her entry to Animal Kingdom for allegedly looking too good dolled up as the Disney character.

April Spielman, 15, spent more than three hours for her Tinker Bell transformation and had to change her outfit in order to enter Disney's Animal Kingdom. The teen dressed up as Tinker Bell to make her boyfriend's first Disney World visit as magical as possible.

My makeup took two hours, my hair took another hour, and then I had to spray my body in glitter and paint my nails, April Spielman told WKMG Orlando.

April Spielman's boyfriend complemented her costume by dressing up as Peter Pan and the couple were allowed to enter Hollywood Studios, but Animal Kingdom security denied them at the front gate.

They said I looked too good, April Spielman told the television station, referring to how similar she looked to the theme park's Tinker Bell who poses for pictures with theme park patrons.

April Spielman was ordered to remove her Tinker Bell costume because it went against the park's policy of precluding visitors from wearing dress or costumes that can be viewed as representative of an actual Disney character.

Spielman's Tinker Bell was in tears over the policy.

It just broke my heart, April told WKMG. I didn't want to take off the costume.

Disney spokeswoman Kathleen Prihoda defended the park's policy.

The guests were asked to change because costumes that could be viewed as representative of an actual Disney character are not appropriate attire for our theme park, Prihoda told the Daily Mail.

Animal Kingdom officials told Spielman that her dress would have confused young park-goers into thinking she was the theme park's hired Tinker Bell.

They were talking how the little girls, it ruins their dreams, April Spielman said. But it ruined my dreams because I just want to be Tinker Bell.

While Animal Kingdom stuck by its rules, the theme park also showed it had a heart by providing Spielman and her boyfriend with replacement clothing and giving the couple assistance in entering other Disney parks.

 Spielman's family was also given dozens of FastPass tickets, which can be used to skip lines on rides they missed when she was changing out of her Tinker Bell costume, the Daily Mail reported.