Aquentium, Inc. announced yesterday that they are now offering distributorship opportunities for France. This is for the Company’s complete line of ozone (non-chemical) food processing, sanitation, and water treatment equipment. The design of the Aquentium ozone non-chemical sanitation equipment is for both cost savings and improved safety standards for food and beverage processors, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and schools.

Ozone generates from Oxygen and is non-toxic. The use of ozone in the food industry has approval from the USDA and FDA, and has approval for organic certification. Ozone eliminates or reduces pathogens. It does so by destroying the cell wall. Pathogens cannot develop resistance to ozone as they can to antibiotics. Therefore, there is no danger of developing superbugs using ozone. The goal at Aquentium, Inc. and all of their distributors is to eliminate chemicals and hot water during the sanitation process.

The Company can extend the shelf life of food product with the Aquentium non-chemical process. Therefore, this means higher profits for processors and less waste for the consumer. Ozone is over 50 percent more effective than chemicals and over 3,000 times faster acting than chemicals. Ozone is also safer for workers because there are no chemicals to handle. In addition, with the Aquentium ozone equipment, a processor does not have to stop processing to do plant sanitation. Moreover, processors can expect a Return on Investment (ROI) in less than 12 months using the Aquentium equipment.

The Aquentium Cleaning Antimicrobial Systems is an ozone-based cold-water technology. It meets and exceeds the microbial reductions typically attained with conventional hot water and chemical applications. Benefits include up to 100 percent reduction of hot water, up to 100 percent reduction in sanitizer chemical, and up to 80 percent reduction in degreasers foaming agents. Benefits also include up to 68 percent reduced water volume, the system can be used in process, and is designed for direct product treatment (RTE) with no labeling requirements.

Designed for surface cleaning and sanitation, and direct product treatment, the Company’s cleaning antimicrobial systems provide multi-surface cleaning and sanitation for wettable food processing equipment; walls and floors; drains and chutes; tanks, barrels and totes; among other items. Application designs for existing CIP system conversions, as well as attachments for application in enclosed containers/tanks, are also available.

Headquartered in Perris, California, Aquentium Inc’s dedication is to bringing energy saving solutions and technologies to companies and countries throughout the world. They are involved in waste-to energy, alternative energy, water treatment, non-chemical sanitation equipment, recycling, structural insulated building panels, affordable housing, re-deployable/emergency housing and recycling. Their business also includes an ongoing effort to acquire or invest in new technologies or businesses.

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