Aquentium Inc. is a company whose strategy is to bring green technologies to the global marketplace. The company today announced the appointment of Mr. Manfredo Ferrada as managing director of Central and South America business and development of Aquentium advanced technologies to produce algal fuels, algal co-products and production technology systems.

Mr. Ferrada is an international cluster development expert with experience in developing overseas structures. He also has strong knowledge of green technologies and renewable energy sources as well as micro crops technologies. Mr. Ferrada has been connected to clean technologies and oxygen applications for over a decade.

The base of operations for Mr. Ferrada will be Chile and he will be responsible for new relations and business throughout the region, developing new partners, business structure, and initiation and development of each project.

Mr. Ferrada is optimistic about Aquentium’s future in the region, saying, “Our ultimate goals with our algae growing and production business in Central and South America is to be the top notch leader of the algae oil business. We anticipate to be one of the few companies able to provide high accurate algae volumes to fulfill the market needs.”

The commercialization of Aquentium’s products as a future transportation fuel will be at the top of his agenda. Mr. Ferrada said, “Our ‘Aquentoil’ method is designed as a future petroleum replacement as well as feedstock and CO2 elimination systems. The need for renewable transportation fuels has never been greater.”