Aquentium, Inc., a global diversified energy-saving solution and technology company, recently announced that it is now offering distributorships in Minnesota for their water and air treatment and food safety equipment. The company’s product line of commercial ozone equipment is a green alternative to chemicals for disinfection of both air and water and can be utilized by a number of industries.

Aquentium provides technologies that combat e-coli, salmonella, listeria and other bacteria or viruses. In addition, the company’s non-chemical sanitation equipment is cost effective and provides improved safety for food and beverage processors, hotels, restaurants, hospitals and schools. In addition to purification of air and water, the Aquentium ozone equipment extends the shelf life of fresh food. The use of ozone in the food industry is approved by the USDA and FDA and is also approved for organic certification.

Mark Taggatz, president of Aquentium, Inc., stated, “Our ozone systems are designed to certainly increase bottom line profits for all food and beverage processors, as well as restaurants and hotels in the state of Minnesota.” Mr. Taggatz continued, “The uniqueness of the Aquentium equipment is that ozone is over 50 percent more effective than chemicals and over 3,000 times faster acting than chemicals.”