Aquentium is an up-and-coming publicly traded company in the United States which has a company mission to focus on “green technologies”. Aquentium made an announcement today that it is offering exclusive distributorship opportunities for its complete line of non-chemical food processing and sanitation equipment for the Country of Brazil, which will allow the company to expand its outreach and continually help the environment.

The hidden gem of Aquentium is their non-chemical sanitation equipment which is known as “Ozone”. Ozone is designed to improve food safety standards both across the globe with a goal to help prevent contamination of fresh produce, seafood, poultry, meat and any other food products. With the unique Aquentium non-chemical process, the young company can extend shelf life of food produce which will equate to higher profits for processors and less waste for the consumer.

The brilliance of “Ozone” is that it is over 50% more effective than chemicals and over 3,000 times faster acting than chemicals. Ultimately, Aquentium believes they will produce better technology to combat such dangers as e-coli, salmonella, listeria and other bacteria or viruses.

Ozone, which was approved by the FDA as a food additive in 2001, is safer for workers because there are no chemicals to handle and is generated from oxygen making it non-toxic. With the Aquentium ozone equipment, a processor does not have to stop processing to do plant sanitation. This increases plant production. Furthermore, processors can expect a ROI in less than 12 months using the Aquentium equipment.

The company is led by Mark T. Taggatz who was appointed Chairman of the Board on April 2, 2002 and President and Chief Executive Officer on April 15, 2002. He assumed the duties of Secretary/Treasurer in May 2003. While only 44 years old, Taggatz is an aggressive leader of Aquentium and he is also the President of Wall Street Marketing Group, Inc., a public relations and sales and marketing company, and he has been with that company since 1997 which adds to his very impressive resume. Taggatz is a known name in the industry and guides a strong team at Aquentium.

Aquentium is quickly becoming known on Wall Street as not only an up-and-coming player in the financial world but also as a friend and ally of the environment. The company closed at only $0.11 yesterday, but if Taggatz and his team are successful, investors may one day wonder why they didn’t invest in this sleeping giant when they had the chance.