One company that is quickly becoming a friend to the environment and investors on Wall Street is Aquentium. A diversified publicly traded company, Aquentium is dedicated to bringing energy saving solutions and technologies to U.S. and global companies. Today, Aquentium made the announcement that it will offer distribution opportunities of non-chemical sanitation and water treatment equipment for use in countries throughout Europe.

Aquentium will showcase their Ozone non-chemical sanitation and water treatment equipment which is designed to improve food and water safety standards both domestically and internationally. Ozone is generated from oxygen and is non-toxic. Ozone provides a high level of safety for humans since there are no chemicals to handle and is over 50% more effective and over 3,000 times faster acting than chemicals.

The goal at Aquentium is to help prevent contamination of water, fresh produce, seafood, poultry, meat and any other food product. With the Aquentium ozone process, the young company has the ability to purify water as well as extend the shelf life of food products without the use of chemicals.

Leading the way at Aquentium is Mark Taggatz who serves as the company’s CEO. Taggatz was quoted as saying, “We believe that Aquentium has superior technology to combat e-coli, salmonella, listeria and other bacteria or viruses for both food and water.”